Biogas – Make the Most of Waste

More economical

  • Reduced capital costs – with WITT Non-Return Valves you have the lowest possible pressure drop between the compressors and the vessels, so you can use smaller duty compressors and smaller bore pipework
  • Reduced operating costs – reducing the duty of the compressors will use less electricity
  • Reduced maintenance costs – WITT’s high quality Non-Return Valves in brass and stainless steel withstand corrosion, reduce maintenance and last longer

Safer to operate, reducing your risk and your customers’ risk

  • Ultra-reliable leak-tight re-seating – preventing any risk of back-flow of biogas when the compressor stops. 100 % tested. In accordance with DIN EN ISO 5175.

Benefit straightaway

  • Easy to retrofit – WITT NRVs can easily be retrofitted into existing pipework systems, giving you extra revenue from your existing customers. Full range of connections available. Can be mounted in any direction/orientation.
  • World-wide availability – via WITT’s global subsidiaries and partners