Hydrogen as the Energy of the Future

Hydrogen is regarded as one of the most important energy sources of the future. In view of ever scarcer energy resources, hydrogen applications already offer a real technological alternative to conventional solutions.

The best example here is the fuel cell. In fuel cells hydrogen and oxygen combine to form water, thereby releasing a large amount of energy. Fuel cells can therefore be used as an environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional combustion engines in motor vehicles. WITT offers special pressure-relief valves for this, these ensuring safety while protecting the hydrogen system against dangerous overpressure. The WITT valve was the first to fulfil the high requirements of Regulation EC 79/2009 valid throughout Europe and is approved for installation in passenger cars and buses.

However, WITT gas safety equipment is not only used in the field of mobile applications. Gas technology developed by WITT is also integrated in modern fuel cell heaters – in the form of high-quality flashback arrestors or non-return valves. To the benefit of both the environment and safety.