Automatic manifold Modula

At the fully automatic change-over device, the working pressure is adjusted through the pressure regulator.
The switch from the empty to the full side will occur here automatically with the help of the change-over block which is installed between the two main pressure regulators. It is important that both manifold regulators are adjusted to the same working pressure. This is done by the manufacturer. If the cylinders or bundles on one side are empty, the pressure of the cylinders is reduced, leading to a reduction of the working pressure of the manifold regulator adjacent
to the change-over block. If the working pressure of the main pressure regulator drops by more than 3-4/5-7 bar below the programmed pressure, the tension of the spring inside
of the change-over block will cause the piston to move to the full side. If the empty cylinders or bundles are replaced, they must be opened again, so that the full pressure comes up to the automatic change-over device. This does not cause another switch of the change-over block. The switch will occur only at the time when the side currently in use is empty

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