Handling gases involves high risks for both life and material content. You can rely 100% on gas safety equipment with State-of-the-art production technology and elaborate quality management systems ensure the highest product quality – For your safety.


Gases are essential in many industrial applications, where their control and economic usage is paramount. Gas mixers, gas metering and analysing systems as well as leak detection systems with offer the highest levels of safety and quality.


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Gas Mixer KM20-100_3ME

About Us

ViVANGAS is a brand own by Novin Negaresh Vivan SDN BHD, esstablished by Mohammad Ali Askari in 2011. Beginning of the activities of ViVANGAS technical-engineering company with the aim of performing technical-engineering projects in gas industry.

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High-Capacity and Flexible Gas Mixing and Metering Systems for Every Application


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Flashback Arrestors

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Gas Mixer KM1500-3 FLOW MAP

Gas Mixers

Gas mixer for different applications with highly fluctuating gas flows

Package Leak Detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY PLUS

Leak Detection Systems

Bubble test package leak detector – with electronic control unit.