Non-Return Valves

Non-Return Valves (Check Valves)
WITT non-return valves (check valves) protect plants, pipelines and outlet points against reverse gas flow and meet all relevant standards and regulations. The product range of non-return valves includes a large choice of nominal sizes (up to DN200) and flow rates (0.35 – 106 SCFH).

The sophisticated valve technology of WITT non-return valves (check valves) provides small pressure drops making them also suitable for applications with smallest opening pressures. A high-quality sealing system with elastomeres prevents leakages and dirt filters at the inlet point assure long service life of the non-return valves.

Some non-return valve (check valve) models can also be used as flashback arrestors. All non-return valves (check valves) can be mounted in any orientation, are available with all connections, in brass and stainless steel and are suitable for almost all technical gases.

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