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Does Your Process Involve Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

To keep the healthy freshness of perishable goods is the major task of food processing applications today. Whether vegetable, fruit, meat or fish, the processing and packaging of perishable goods without modified atmospheres is presently unimaginable.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) provides a longer shelf life and an improved appearance of freshness regarding taste, colour and form. The modified atmosphere in the food package counteracts the growth of microbiological organisms and bio-chemical reactions and the consequent spoilage of the goods.

The use of MAP is a fundamental part of a precise quality assurance as well as a reliable and cost-efficient alternative to refrigeration or preservatives.

WITT offers specific devices and systems for the mixing, metering and analysing of gases for every type of packaging machine that is used in the food industry. With these products, WITT has become the world leading manufacturer of gas mixers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging MAP.

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