Gas Analyser OXYBEAM

Gas Analyser OXYBEAM

Laser gas analyser (O2 or CO2) for non-destructive sample testing of packages


  • state-of-the-art laser technology for determining O2 content
  • reliable, accurate and fast
  • non-destructive measurement avoids waste costs
  • for packaging with transparent film area and a headspace height of 16-80 mm
  • easy operation via touch screen
  • no eye protection required
  • USB and Ethernet connection

Product of WITT 

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OXYBEAM uses laser light for detecting O2 or CO2 concentrations in transparent packages without impairing it.

Non-destructive sample-testing to guarantee the quality and productivity of production processes.


  • reliable O2 or CO2 sensing
  • non-intrusive MAP testing
  • also applicable for time studies on single packages
  • simple to operate via touchscreen
  • data transfer via USB port
  • integration into networks by Ethernet connection
  • low maintenance and robust
  • easy calibration
  • completely eye-safe
  • for O2 measurements from 5 mm packaging height by an added plate with magnetic fixing (option)


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Gas Analyser OXYBEAM