Flow controller KD500-1A MAPY

Flow controller KD500-1A MAPY

Electronic gas flow controller for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Electronic flow control system for modified atmospheres for flow wrap machines in the food industry and for room atmospheres e.g. for the storage of fruit and vegetables.


  • quality from the world market leader
  • saves up to 30% of gas consumption by automatic controlling the gas quantity
  • non-destructive gas analysis guarantees the quality of the packages
  • a permanent control of the O2-concentration via zirconia-sensor
  • limit setting for min./max. alarms
  • minimisation of the gas consumption via combination with inline gas analyser MAPY LE

Product of WITT

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Cost Reduction:

  • saves up to 30% of gas consumption by automatic controlling the required residual oxygen level to a pre-determined set point
  • the non-destructive gas analysis guarantees the quality of the packages and economy of the production

 Easy Operation:

  • simple calibration
  • low maintenance
  • easy to read display
  • integrated data logger
  • USB connection for file transfer
  • administration of product names
  • simple to operate via touchscreen
  • ethernet connection for network integration
  • measured data storage
  • user level with different access authorisation
  • user-definable settings for each different product i.e. setpoint, alarm limits etc.

 High Process Reliability:

  • data log
  • permanent control of the O2-concentration
  • electronic control of the sample gas to the sensor
  • lockable transparent door for protection of settings
  • alarm signals are given if the set limits are exceeded and a potential-free contact operates to e.g. auto-stop your machine to avoid quality problems
  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply
  • independent of packing speeds (MAP)
  • independent of package sizes (MAP)

Maximum Hygiene:

  • splash-proof, robust stainless steel housing
  • smooth and easy to clean surface


  • Interfaces for the documentation and remote transfer of the settings and measured values


  • software GAS CONTROL CENTER for a recording of results (see separate datasheet)
  • fully automatic calibration
  • bar code scanner for product names or user selection
  • additional memory
  • sample measurement via a needle – also with additional sensor

Our gas mixers are always customised to the needs of the customer. Please tell us your specifications, we will realise them.

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Flow controller KD500-1A MAPY