Hose Reel DS Automatic

For fuel gases and oxygen

  • for a safe and orderly workplace gas supply
  • secure locking of the retraction mechanism helps reduce tension exerted on hose
  • easy, orderly and wear-reducing retraction of the hose using guide rollers
  • various mounting options
  • increases service life of the hose

Product of WITT 



The Safety Hose Reel DS for fuel gases and Oxygen provides safety and correct gas supply to your workplace.


  • easy handling; a secure locking of the retraction mechanism helps reduce the tension exerted on the hose; two possible locking positions per turn of the hose reel
  • orderly retraction of the hose thanks to roller guides on all sides; reduces wear of the hose
  • versatile in application: mountable on wall, ceiling, floor, or cylinder trolleys. Optional: wall swivel-mount (150°)
  • resistance to wear increases service life and reduces costs using
    – ball bearing reel
    – durable return spring
    – brass pivot pin and rotor
    – plastic-coated surface
    – sturdy tubular frame
  • high-quality equipment ensures safety
  • user-friendly automated retraction of the hose reduces the risk of accidents
  • optional cover to offer protection against dirt


– Welding & Cutting

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