Plug-in module for permanent analysis of gas mixture, e.g. for CO2, O2, H2, He
An analyser, available for integration with gas mixers or as a stand alone unit, for continuous
analysis (in-line) of the gas concentration for a variety of industrial applications.
An analyser to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes.
Together with the exclusive GAS CONTROL CENTER-Software the measured results can be documented
providing complete traceability. Provide your customer with the results ensuring that your product
has the best possible quality.

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● intuitive operation by coloured touch screen control unit
● different user levels
● high process reliability
● continuous monitoring of limit values
● Ethernet-interface for documentation (QM) on control unit
● low expenses for calibration (admin mode)
● multilingual menu guide: German, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, French, (more to follow)

– Welding & Cutting
– Food Industry
– Glass Industry
– Helium Leak Test
– Diving Technology


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