Flashback Arrestor Super 85

Flashback Arrestor Super 85

Resettable Flashback arrestor, certified to EN 730-1 / ISO 5175 with pressure-sensitive cut-off valve [PV] and visual warning, for higher flow rates

  • highest quality from the world market leader
  • safety elements: flame arrestor [FA], temperature-sensitive cut-off valve [TV], check valve [NV], filter on gas inlet, pressure-sensitive cut-off valve [PV]
  • easy to reset
  • every arrestor 100% tested
  • BAM certified
  • 1.32 X 5.91 inches
  • acetylene max. 671 scfh (free flow-off)
  • fuel gases max. 5,965 scfh (free flow-off)
  • oxygen max. 1,671 scfh (free flow-off)

Product of WITT 

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From the product range „Super“, one of the best flashback arrestors in the world. For reliable protection against dangerous gas backflow and flashback in accordance with EN 730-1 / ISO 5175. Every Arrestor 100% tested.


  • extinguish dangerous flashbacks with sintered stainless steel elements FA
  • immediately cut off the gas supply, and therefore prevent dangerous further work after any flashback or gas backflow via pressure sensitive cut-off valve PV
  • extinguish sustained backfire – via temperature-sensitive cut-off valve TV
  • avoid the formation of explosive mixtures in the gas supply – via check valves NV
  • indicate flashbacks and gas backflow optically – via red alarm mark
  • allow simple resumption of work after the cause of hazard has been removed – via resetting the sleeve
  • offer long service life due to protection against dirt – via filter at gas inlet

Operation / Usage:

  • the Flashback Arrestors are used against gas backflow and flashback at pipeline outlets and single cylinder equipment. Super 85 for high flow
  • the Flashback Arrestors can be installed independent of the orientation but according to gas flow
  • each blowpipe should have its own Flashback Arrestor
  • the maximum ambient/working temperature is 70 °C / 158 °F


  • annual testing of the check valve, body leak tightness and flow capacity is recommended
  • WITT is happy to supply special test equipment
  • Flashback Arrestors are only to be serviced by the manufacturer. The dirt filter may be replaced by competent staff

Company certified to ISO 9001


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Flashback Arrestor Super 85