Portable Outlet Point Universal V6

Portable Outlet Point Universal V6

Portable outlet point unit with V-frame

  • for a stable working pressure and a safe workplace
  • with outlet point ball valves, outlet point pressure regulator, flashback arrestors
  • for 4 or 6 outlet points

Product of WITT 

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Portable outlet point for one gas up to a multi-outlet point.

For temporary high gas requirement on construction sites – especially during the installation of boilers and apparatus constructions, but also applications on ships, docks or wharfages, during demolition and torch cutting work as well as on scrap yards. For fuel gases (acetylene, propane, ….), oxygen (oil and grease free) and shielding gases (other gases on request).


  • easy-to-handle framework
  • compact, mobile unit for almost unlimited applications
  • individually combinable during the design of the gas paths (up to 5 gases) and up to 6 outlet points per type of gas
  • safety devices conform to DIN EN ISO 5175 against reverse gas flow and flashbacks
  • reduces the risk of accidents by short hose connections
  • a series connection of several distribution stations is possible


  • V-frame
  • manifold with the threaded end at in- and outlet
  • outlet point ball valves on the outlet
  • outlet point pressure regulator with pressure gauge or variable area flowmeter
  • safety devise according to DIN EN ISO 5175 against reverse gas flow and flashbacks
  • inlet G 3/4 male with cone
  • outlets G 3/8 male with cone / G 1/4 male with cone respectively with a nozzle for hose or hose coupling SK100
  • completely mounted and tested


  • with ball valve at the inlet
  • for mounting at the railing for example
  • manufacturer certification according to EN 10204

Company certified to ISO 9001
Cleaned for Oxygen Service according to EIGA IGC Doc 13/12/E: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems


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Portable Outlet Point Universal V6