MFA 9000

MFA 9000

Compact multigas-analyser for up to 15 binary gas mixtures


  • ideal for service and mobile analysis
  • measurement principle: thermal conductivity
  • long service life of measurement cell
  • easy to calibrate
  • inexpensive and low-maintenance

Product of WITT 

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Compact, portable analyser for the measurement of 15 combinations of gases based on a thermal conductivity sensor. The ideal analyser for mobile use and service.


  • flexible due to 15 different 2-gas mixtures in one unit
  • analysis of 3-component-mixtures, provided 2 gases of the mixture have a similar thermal conductivity and the third gas differs enough from this thermal conductivity
  • mobile analysis of gas mixtures at the point of use
  • continuous control of the gas mixtures when used with gas mixing systems
  • easy use through self-explaining functions and settings
  • digital display
  • easy calibration
  • long service life of the sensor
  • low-maintenance, light and robust
  • cost-effective and practise-approved

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MFA 9000