Pressure Regulating Station 642

Pressure Regulating Station 642

Mobile pressure regulating station

  • for a stable working pressure and a safe workplace
  • for temporary high gas requirement on construction sites
  • for fuel gases, oxygen and shielding gas
  • robust design with shelter and handle
  • with HD ball valve in the inlet

Product of WITT 

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Pressure regulating station for mobile applications without integrated outlet points.

For temporary high gas requirement on construction sites – especially during the installation of boilers and apparatus constructions, but also applications on ships, docks or wharfages, during demolition and torch cutting work as well as on scrap yards. For fuel gases (acetylene, propane, ….), oxygen (oil and grease-free) and shielding gases (other gases on request).


  • robust design with shelter and handle
  • compact, mobile unit for almost unlimited applications
  • manifold pressure regulator according to DIN EN ISO 7291
  • Pressure-regulating station conforms to DIN EN ISO 14114 as well as acetylene regulations in Germany (TRAC)
  • with ball valve in the inlet, signals clearly position OPEN / CLOSED respectively gas flow/gas stop
  • reduces the risk of accidents by short hose connections (high pressure also low pressure)

Assembly as an example for acetylene:
tubular frame with pipework
high-pressure ball valve at the inlet,
automatic quick-acting shut-off device HDS17,
pressure regulator U13 with safety blow-off valve,
decomposition arrestor FN40 or optional other safety devices possible,
outlet ball valve,
inlet G 3/4 male with cone,
outlet G 3/4 male with cone,
completely mounted and tested

Company certified to ISO 9001
Cleaned for Oxygen Service according to EIGA IGC Doc 13/12/E: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems

Please identify the individual gas at the time of enquiring!


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Pressure Regulating Station 642