Test Rig 722

Test Rig 722

For the annual testing of WITT flashback arrestors and check valves

  • single device for the full range of functional tests
  • saves costs of external testing services
  • enables compliance with statutory proof-testing requirements
  • prevents unnecessary disposal of older devices “on suspicion” and thus the premature replacement
  • option: clamp 743 with a set of various adapters

Product of WITT 




Flashbacks, dirt and external damage may affect the flow capacity and proper functioning of Flashback Arrestors and Check Valves.
Therefore, annual testing of all safety elements is imperative to avoid hazardous situations.


  • helps to save money- no more costly services by testing companies required
  • ready for immediate and flexible use e.g. during breaks
  • only one test rig for all flashback arrestors and check valves (up to DN 50)
  • only one test rig for all 5 tests
  • easy and time-saving operation
  • clear readings
  • robust design
  • maintenance-free

Option Clamp 743

  • for convenient testing
  • quick exchange of test units saves time and money
  • connector sets for different fittings included in the package

The following tests can be carried out:
1. leak tightness to the atmosphere
2. test of non-return valve against low and high back pressure
3. operating pressure of pressure-sensitive gas cut off valve
4. measurement of flow capacity of flashback arrestors

a) regulator adjustment
b) pressure gauge
c) U-tube for measurement of leak rates
d) flow meter to control the flow
e) selector switch for operation mode

Company certified to ISO 9001



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Test Rig 722