Dome Pressure Regulators – Plant Engineering

Dome Pressure Regulators – Plant Engineering

Individual construction and installation per customer requirements

  • planning and installation by a WITT specialist
  • free of oil and grease
  • suitable for oxygen
  • tested and ready to use

Product of WITT 




WITT dome pressure regulators can be easily integrated into your system, or indeed planned, constructed and installed as a complete solution. According to the customer’s requirements, the individual components are specified, safety elements are integrated and the whole system is then installed. From the specialist … ready-to-use.

Example of parallel construction
4 ball valves stainless steel DN50/PN40
2 dome pressure regulators 757LE
manifold DN50
TÜV-testing, CE labelling
installation on the welded mounting frame

Please ask one of our WITT specialist for a solution specific to your application

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Dome Pressure Regulators – Plant Engineering