Flashback Arrestor F53N/HHO

Flashback Arrestor F53N/HHO

Universal flashback arrestor for hydrogen-oxygen-mixture, certified to DIN 32508 n° 5.8.2 and 5.8.3 , suitable for chlorinators

  • highest quality from the world market leader
  • safety elements: flame arrestor [FA], temperature-sensitive cut-off valve [TV]
  • every arrestor 100% tested
  • suitable for use with chlorinators
  • 0,9 X 2,6 inches, 6.057 oz
  • up to 7.25 psi
  • air max. 458 scfh (free flow-off)

Product of WITT 



WITT Flashback Arrestors F53N/HHO for reliable protection against dangerous flashbacks at application of hydrogen-oxygen mixtures. Every Arrestor 100% tested.


  • compact design
  • a large surface area flame arrestor FA of stainless steel construction extinguishes any dangerous flashback from a stoichiometric composition of hydrogen-
  • oxygen mixture which is entering the device
  • a temperature sensitive cut-off valve TV extinguishes sustained flashbacks long before the internal temperature of the arrestors reaches a dangerous level
  • low life cycle costs
  • maybe mounted in any position/orientation
  • compact size for easy, problem free installation

Operation / Usage

  • the fitting protects against flashbacks and backfire at gas extraction by electrolysis for example micro soldering- and welding units (MLS-units) according to DIN 32508 No. 5.8.2 and No. 5.8.3. The small and compact design of the safety device is for use in pipelines.


Company certified according to ISO 9001

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Flashback Arrestor F53N/HHO