Flashback Arrestor RF53DN

Flashback Arrestor RF53DN

Universal flashback arrestor, certified to EN 730-1 / ISO 5175, with pressure relief valve [RV]

highest quality from the world market leader
safety elements: flame arrestor [FA], temperature-sensitive cut-off valve [TV], check valve [NV], filter on gas inlet, pressure relief valve [RV]
every arrestor 100% tested
BAM certified
1.0 X 4.0 inches, 9.17 oz
acetylene max. 406 scfh (free flow-off)
fuel gases max. 3,708 scfh (free flow-off)
oxygen max. 1,977 scfh (free flow-off)

Product of WITT 

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WITT RF Flashback Arrestors for reliable protection against dangerous reverse gas flow and flashbacks according to EN 730-1 / ISO 5175, UL 1357/1358.

Every Arrestor 100% tested.

The best Flashback Arrestors in the world

a large surface area flame arrestor FA of stainless steel construction extinguishes any dangerous flashback entering the device in any direction
a temperature-sensitive cut-off valve TV extinguishes sustained flashbacks long before the internal temperature of the arrestor reaches a dangerous level
a spring-loaded non-return valve NV prevents slow or sudden reverse gas flow from forming explosive mixtures in the gas supply
a filter at the gas inlet protects the arrestor against dirt contamination, extending the service life
a pressure relief valve RV vents excessive pressure and soot into the atmosphere, protecting the hose from bursting and the flame arrestor from clogging up, thus maintaining the flow rate (Model RF53DN only)


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Flashback Arrestor RF53DN