Hose Coupling SK100-3

Hose Coupling SK100-3

Hose couplings for outlet points

  • rapid connection and disconnection of the hose
  • simple and robust colour-coding of body and nipple
  • nipple with self-acting gas lock
  • coupling nipple made of durable stainless steel
  • certified to DIN EN 561 / ISO 7289
  • every hose coupling 100% tested

Product of WITT 

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HOSE COUPLING SK100 to EN 561 / ISO 7289

WITT-Couplings guarantee safety

  • no uncontrolled escape of gas when disconnected – because of an automatic cut-off valve
  • no build-up of explosive gas-mixtures in the pipeline
  • no confusion between connections – because of different probes for Oxygen, Fuel and Inert Gases
  • kink-free hose and secure connection – because of ball race lock

WITT-Couplers save time and money

  • lightning-fast connection and disconnection of equipment
  • simplest selection of the right body and probe – because of a new colour-coded probe
  • flexible extension of hoses without additional equipment
  • easiest suction test for injector burner without tool

WITT-Couplings for long life

  • probe made from stainless steel with a hardness of 25 Rockwell
  • dirt-filter protects hose coupling and equipment


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Hose Coupling SK100-3