Table stand

Table stand

Stainless steel table stand for OXYBABY®


  • stable and sturdy
  • also enables the use of the OXYBABY® as a desktop unit
  • easy to remove and place thanks to the magnetic attachment
  • incl. needle shelve

Product of WITT




This stable and sturdy table stand made of stainless steel is ideally suited for the use of your OXYBABY® as a desktop unit.

This stabile and stable table stand from stainless steel are ideal for use OXYBABY® as a tabletop version.

Connector tube with Luer-Lok-connection is available for connection with OXYBABY®.

The height-adjustable table stand has a magnetic holder for easy handling and one deposit for a needle.

It is suitable for all OXYBABY® models and also usable as support.

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Table stand