Package Leak Detector LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX Compact

Package Leak Detector LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX Compact

Automatic inline micro-leak detection system for packages based on CO2.

LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX enables the non-destructive detection of the smallest leaks, without the costly use of helium as a trace gas – directly after the packaging process.

CO2 is the most important gas in the packaging of food under a modified atmosphere.
The LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX uses this CO2 as a trace gas. That way it is possible to test the packages for leaks directly after the packing process.

The LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX places the packages or complete shipping cases in the test chamber. If the test sample is leaking, the pressure difference will result in gas flow from the package into the chamber and the CO2-concentration within the chamber rises. The highly sensitive sensor will pick up the changes of the CO2-concentration and thus, even the smallest leaks are easily detected.

After each test cycle (up to 14 cycles per minute) the chamber is ventilated and the test sample is moved on to the following system. If a leak has been detected, several potential-free contacts for communication with external systems are available (e.g. alarms and/or pusher).


  • 100% testing, 100% safety
  • non-destructive detection of even the smallest of leaks
  • highly sensitive and ultra-fast CO2 sensor
  • up to 14 cycles per minute
  • directly after the packaging process
  • shorter installation dimensions
  • standardised control system and documentation

Product of WITT

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  • short response time
  • high operating speed (max. 14 cycles/min.)
  • for single packages or whole shipping cases
  • various chamber sizes
  • for flexible and rigid packaging
  • no calibration required
  • easy-to-use intuitive operation – no special skills required
  • user-friendly – data and process parameter entry by means of integrated PLC with touchscreen or via a remote personal computer
  • convenient data administration and evaluation for customer-oriented quality documentation
  • remote transmission of results via Ethernet
  • easy-to-clean stainless steel housing

Caution! This equipment is not suitable for the checking of packaging featuring O2 content greater than 20.9% (fresh meat, for example).

Other models, options and accessories available upon request.


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Package Leak Detector LEAK-MASTER® MAPMAX Compact